Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Images, Mayle Kamakazi

Some photos some EXTREMELY nice people sent me!
Looks like dresses are around $520 and tops are around $495. The Marant-esq blazer/jacket is $820


  1. Seems like the dresses are the best buy in terms of pricing. The print are gorgeous.

  2. they are amazing. i mean $30 more for a dress? Way better.

  3. Has anyone actually seen them? Is the quality better than 10 little Indians?

  4. I went there today.
    Qualities are similar to 10 little indians.
    I really loved Lala blouse, but I couldn't spend $495 for a top.
    Only some coats and were for sale, and more than half of items including belts and slightly different version of Billie bags were pre-orders only.
    Fabrics for blouses were nice, they were beautiful, belts were amazing.
    However they said they will receive more items next week,(including shoes) so I wanted to wait and see what else will come.

  5. coats were great ( I scooped one and pr ordered two more!) there's a pair of leather pants that are amaze! and the fabric prints are yummy. quality is typical mayle...good.