Thursday, April 17, 2014

Soup Is Good Food

Monday & Tuesday night were the first nights of Passover. On Tuesday we had some friends over for a casual holiday meal of brisket, salmon, roasted veggies, chopped liver and a yummy matzoh ball soup that I made. Its been ages since I made a good chicken soup and I must say that my "balls" came out shockingly light and fluffy for a first timer. Its comforting soup for rainy weather. I plan on making another pot this week...


The past few weeks have been busy. I have been reading a lot. It seems like daily I am taking books in and out of the library. I am also exercising a lot.I walked 13.8 miles on Tuesday. Needless to say, I trippled my fuel band goal and burned 1138 calories.  I must lose the weight I gained from February to April.  This past weekend my dear friend Jen's band played at Roseland, I was so happy to hang out with her even if it was for a short time. I also went to my friend Stephen's birthday party at the Northlight Lounge (opening this week!)

Happy that the dress I dropped off in October to be altered fits perfectly.  I love some vintage Proenza! I like to think of this look at "punk princess" Pictured below with Brian Wilson - not the beach boy, but the guy running for office. A good Cassell party is always full of politicians!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Leggy Blonde

Now that I have all the time in the world again, I figured its a good time to start reading, After working 45+ hour weeks and collapsing with exhaustion on the weekends, book I picked up would languish on my bedside table.  I put in a long list of books into my library request cue and am trying to power through them as they come in.

Yesterday was rainy and dreary. At around 3, I picked up Aviva Drescher from RHONY's new memoir and couldn't put it down. It wasn't the most well written but it was interesting.  Interesting enough that I read all 248 pages in about 2.5 hours. If your a fan of the show don't look to it for gossip. Its really all about Aviva's life - which for the most part was interesting/page turning. In fact as I was reading I could hear her voice in my head telling the stories - almost like an e-book.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Elephants Elephans Every Where

Spring. Thinking about flirty fun dresses. Well I shouldn't be thinking about them because I totally now can't afford them with my recent freelance coming to an end. There is a dress that I sort of adore. It's a little bit magical. Its got beaded elephants and is at Anthro for $198.  Maybe if I suddenly go back to work I will pick it up, as a treat. It would look chic with my balenciaga sandals and a cardi.

Inside The Dream Palace

Its back to reading - and I hope its a book every two days or so from the library- mindless ones that will get me turning pages.   About three weeks ago, I checked out the 300+ page tome,  heavily researched about Hotel Chelsea - "Inside the Dream Palace."   Once I got past the first two hundred pages - mainly about how the hotel was built and the initial residents and idea of grand residential apartment living - all incredibly interesting but not the sordid stories about the celebrities who walked those halls. That came later. Along with alternate theories about Nancy Spungen's death, Edie Sedgwick's fall and Norman Mailer's post Marilyn life.   I highly recommend it. Having stayed at Hotel Chelsea prior to moving to NYC (it was $106 a night) I loved walking the halls that all those ghosts still haunt. In fact everytime I stayed at Hotel Chelsea depending on the room I stayed in I would have insane dreams....I hope that the new owner doesn't turn it into some horrible hipster/wall street mating place as its truly one of the last authentic places still standing in NYC. Its still one of the places that I must walk by every time I return for a visit....

Friday, April 4, 2014

Again and Again

I have always been trusting - not too trusting. In NYC I trusted few. I knew who had my back and I knew who wanted to put a knife in it. It was all manageable. In Portland? Not so much. You never know who to trust. Someone who may act like they have your back, doesn't. In fact most people here don't have your back. Most people here are passive aggressive. They are selfish. They take and take and take until there is no more to give.

Yet again I have put myself into a situation where I let my guard down. I was fun, caring Marti. TRUSTING Marti, and it didn't help me at all. In fact its reminded me that in the future, I should care about no one. That I should never let anyone get close to me, and that my genuine friendliness? Well it should be forced, not genuine. Not authentic. But just as false as it was recently given to me.

What have I learned? Portland isn't the place for me. In the 5 years and 4 months I have been here, everything has been a struggle for me. Fitting in. Meeting people. Finding true friends.  Money.  So with this recent "realization" its come time for me to take action. Make change and be happy. As Perry Farrell once told me, you have one life. It's gift. You should enjoy it and live it do whatever you need to do to be happy.

For the past 5.4 years I was just existing. Until recently - when I actually felt a sense of purpose. A sense of worth again. And today? I feel worthless.  But I am going to heed "Uncle Perry's" advice and I am going to be happy, by any means necessary.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tea Time

My friend Teri started a wonderful tea company a year or so ago.  She is helping local vintage shop Vintalier celebrate their one-year anniversary by throwing a tea party this Saturday.  If you are in Portland, check it out!

Celebrate VINTALIER's 1st Year Anniversary!
Saturday, April 5, 12pm - 4pm
412 NW 13th Ave & Flanders

Enjoy artisan teas served by Teri Gelber's T Project.
Get first dibs on 80+ new Spring arrivals and
receive 15% off everything in-store!
Invite your friends