Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Curse Of The Endless Summer: I am Not The Illuminati

A year ago I was in this same situation. Home alone. Carefree with no troubles but I was sad. In a deep state of depression filled with anxiety. I couldnt really eat or sleep. I drank a lot. I listened to Sebastien Tellier on repeat all day and laid in bed.  I sat on the floor in the living room in my underwear in a tank top eating fresh salsa and chips half watching whatever was on Bravo. I lived for sleep. I escaped into another world. One where every night something strange in my dreams would haunt me. In my dreams I could find happiness. In my sleep I was satisfied with every part of my life.   I went to work every day. I existed. I floated on. I went to New York and had a magical week, an adult spring break. I wandered around what was and I still consider my home with headphones on. Sometimes stoned. Sometimes a bit buzzed from drinking a moscow mule in the middle of the day.   This went on until October when we got laid off. Then it was endless days like this. But in zombie mode.  Then I felt like I could stop listening to Sebastien Tellier on repeat. I had to stop for my own sanity.

I woke up yesterday and I felt amazing. The first time that maybe I had any clarity in a year+. I put on Politics, I entertained some friends. I had the best night.  It was carefree. I felt back for the first time in so long. But then it happened. Its almost like a curse. Things went south today and I lay in bed typing this and crying just a bit.  And its back on repeat. Again.  Along with The Kills and obviously Spiritualized "ladies and gentleman."  I have no appetite. I just feel full of despair. empty. alone. all those things that I wasnt feeling yesterday.  And I have no idea how I will find my way out of it.  Its really one of those moments that you want to throw on your best gown, grab your bottle of stoli and wander around barefoot smoking with your eye make up running (of course).

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More Summer Reads

Some books that I powered through in July.  I have a HUGE stack of books that I am trying to get through. Three-weeks is NOT enough to read 12 books. #sigh

 What can I say about The Heiress? It was well written, fast paced and I read it in 24 hours. No wonder I was on the wait list at the library for TWO MONTHS.  Pick it Up

I found Death of the Black Haired Girl hard to read. Like impossible. Maybe I couldn't focus? So it was returned.  But I most likely won't take it out again. Don't let me influence you.

 A book about 60 somethings getting divorced. And the holiday season. From the man's perspective.

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. Excellent. Run and pick it up. Run. Don't walk. That is all.

I wanted to read this. I didn't have time - I did start but had to return it :(

This book was funny and informative and all true!  England in the 90's. Nanny for celebs. <3 br="" nina="">

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Arriving in October I am LOVING this tiger print PS1. Note to self, save up. $2650 at Barneys.

Things I have Been Obsessed With This Summer

This summer is just flying by. I am back at work and though my days are busy,  I am still finding time to read regularly, cruise the online shops and try to go to the gym as often as possible. I have picked up a few things that I can't stop using/wearing. I have also been purging like mad of things that I haven't worn or feel don't suit me anymore.

First up I have been using this PS1 wallet on a chain in striped snake daily. It has multiple pockets, and shockingly it holds more than the Chanel bag that I had to return.  I got it on sale for $350.

Moya first posted about these sandals a few weeks ago. I saw them and was obsessed - so I tracked down a pair at Barneys. By Fendi they were on sale for $339.  I have been wearing them non-stop. They sort of remind me of Mayle.  Very vintage inspired with a modern twist. Very Dolce Vita.

And finally this bodycon dress from JCrew. I snagged it on sale for $49. I have it in two colors (black and red) and I wear them both often.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Reading

I have been powering through a book a day. What I read this weekend.  I suggest all of them - highly.


This book was written in a way that I normally don't enjoy. There were no chapters. It was one long continual thought, but I powered through it. Even though it was around 179 pages. It was still a bit of struggle. Especially due to the fact that I had no idea what random old city this story took place in. I like details.


This was a pretty good memoir - I loved how it seamlessly moved between Salinger and Joanna's life. I was so intrigued I read this in about 2.5 hours - then ran out and re-bought Franny and Zooey.


Told from three different perspectives - the mother who lost her daughter, the mother who's daughter was saved and then the teenage girl who comes to grips with her life saving transplant and her mother and father's abusive relationship. I read this in two hours.


I started this 253 page book this morning and am half way thru (with a break for the gym + watching some world cup action). I have had this book for about a month and a half and had put off reading it. Its due the 30th and I have a huge stack to read still all due between July 7th and 10th...

Friday, June 20, 2014

Great News!

Taking a quick break from the world cup blog to announce that I got a new job! I am so excited.   This means many things like I can pay off debt, I can get my Chanel bags repaired and best of all I will get to work with some great people.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

World Cup

I have FIFA fever! I am taking a short break from blogging about me and fashion and will be blogging about world cup and the hottest players.... I hope that you follow. I will be updating a few times a week.... if I find something interesting to write about.